Adjusting for short-term or structural innovation?

Strategic marketing in corona time

It looks like we will live and work differently in the coming years. We must look for new ways to offer sufficient value to customers at 1,5 meters, with a sustainable business model.

Now is the time to design this future

Because now we can learn what customers are missing from the “old” way and what they appreciate. To revise our vision and strategy with these insights, revitalize our brand and develop new propositions, business models and customer experiences. So that you are ready for this new society.

Invest wisely in your marketing and innovation

Now recalibrate your vision and strategy, and develop propositions and customer experiences that are successful in the 1,5 meter society. Keep investing in innovation and your brand. Look at the short-term opportunities, and also invest in 2021 and beyond.

Short term opportunities

Long term success

We work for
High customer satisfaction

Insight into new needs and market opportunities

Support your decisions with online customer survey through our panels and communities.

Brand positioning

A distinctive brand positioning provides clarity and direction. Right now.

Scouts 2021

With a small team of explorers, we plan to start in 2021 more customer-oriented, more digitalto become more robust and agile.

1,5m propositions

What new services can you use for your really help customers in the 1,5 meter society?

Vision and strategy to emerge stronger from the crisis

Earlier crises show: companies that have their right now transform business emerge as winners from the crisis.

The new customer experience

Do you love your customer experience structurally structured differently? What is the best balance between 1,5 meters and digital? For now and soon.