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Culture and organization

People make the brand, and that no longer applies to service providers alone. So you are not there yet with the design of a strategy, brand or proposition.

The English say so beautifully that the "proof of the pudding is in the eating". Your organization must understand your strategy, be enthusiastic about it and be able to contribute.

You devise strategy together

To create support for a strategy, we involve the organization from day 1. Of course not everyone, but enough people.

First of all, you get different perspectives at the table, which benefits the quality. And you create ambassadors that you will need very hard later on to get the strategy going.

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Culture and organization are your foundation

A strategy and brand positioning are doomed to failure if the foundation of culture (DNA, mission, values) and organization are wobbly. You have to bring these things together.

You may not expect it from a marketing agency: We always immerse ourselves in your culture first (inside-out). What do you stand for, where are you from? Especially if we don't know each other yet.

Based on that foundation, we look from the outside in (outside-in) and develop strategic directions that strongly connect inside with outside.

Formulate your brand values ​​more sharply

We come across many organizations that have very generic brand values. For example: Quality, reliable, personal. you can imagine that that gives little direction to provide a striking service.

These general values ​​are often dictated by the category. A bank must be reliable, of course. You want to look for organization-specific. That gives shine.

A value such as “crystal clear” has much more meaning and provides direction. And you probably know right away merk we mean. Nice is not it? We call such a value a positioning value.

Become more flexible with agile

Organizations are dealing with major changes. You want to respond quickly and stay in close contact with the market. Agile working offers a solution. Listen in our podcast about the experiences of ABN Amro and Heineken.

We spoke to Ludo Guns, Specialist Medici & Liberal Professions at ABN AMRO and Alex Griffioen, Regional Director at Heineken, about their experiences with agile working.

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Brandbook for under your pillow

If the budget allows, we always recommend that you record your strategy, your brand and your culture in a brandbook. Preferably in a physical booklet. You give that to new employees, relations, your advertising agency. This way you safeguard things and you can fall back on something.

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