Design the new customer experience, physical + digital

The new customer experience

In a short time we have been forced to do much more digitally and remotely. That's getting used to. But that new way of working, relaxing and learning also has advantages for the organization and the customer. We want to keep it.

Cost savings and better service can go hand in hand when designing a new balance between digital and live contact.

This is the moment of investigative experimentation

Right now we can learn what the advantages of digital are, but also what we miss in live contact. Because now people can still look back and indicate what they are missing. You can use this moment to design how you want to organize that balance:

  • What exactly is the added value of live contact for your customers?
  • How can you organize your services, also at 1,5 meters, in such a way that there is actually added value?
  • And how do you optimize digital contact?
  • How does your brand really come into its own in this?

Now is the time to experiment with this. Your customers will respond positively if you show that you understand them and that you feel the context well. And that something will still not be perfect, that is perhaps the new normal.

The customer journey

Mapping the customer journey - or customer journey - is essential to be able to respond perfectly to and exceed your customer's expectations. When thinking in customer journeys, various strong marketing concepts come together in a well-organized manner. Think of customer dilemmas, moments of truth and the 'peak-end rule'.

We summarize all this in a concrete model that is easy to understand. We like that, because your organization must be able to work with it itself.

Our experience

Branddoctors has a lot of experience in developing customer-oriented experiences. Of course, concrete 'corona' cases are only now emerging. You will get an impression of our approach and results on our cases page.

Want to know more about Customer Experience?

Please contact Heidi Wielens, or make an appointment via Ellen: 030-6026000.

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