Spend time now
to 2021

Send a team of scouts ahead

Organizations are busy keeping their heads above water and adapting to the new way of living and working. However, meanwhile it becomes clear that the current changes will continue for some time.

The plans for 2020 are out the window

The plans for 2020 can therefore go out the window. And the plans for 2021, which require a fresh, creative look at what is possible.
Who picks that up? Perhaps the 'usual suspects' are now too busy with day-to-day business. Are you waiting?

Free up a small team of scouts

Our experience is that it is quite possible to start new plans with a small team of explorers. Let the rest of the organization run the business, and give some of your best people the space to explore where the opportunities for 2021 lie, using different scenarios.

Our experience

Do you need reinforcement, a process facilitator, a fresh or a critical view? We are happy to help. We have good experience when it comes to developing your annual plans or OGSMs. By actively participating in your scout team, or by sparring remotely.

Knowing more ?

Please contact Gijsbert Croes, or make an appointment via Ellen: 030-6026000.

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