Combine live and digital offer in a unique way

Propositions: Develop corona-proof offer now

Our lives will look different in the coming years. Organizations that optimize their propositions for the new situation can be very successful at this time. This requires courage, speed and creativity.

New total proposition: live and digital

It is not about translating the old experience into new frameworks, but about renewing the whole experience with all the possibilities we now have. Live and digital.

Now we can find out what the added value was of the old live experiences and what the advantages and disadvantages are of the alternatives that many organizations have developed in recent weeks. This allows us to come up with completely new solutions for museums, schools, catering establishments, shops, bank offices, service points, etc. etc. And thus innovate and optimize more specifically - and thus effectively.

Why get started with new propositions?

  • The 1,5m society requires adjustments and offers (digital) opportunities.
  • You want to grow.
  • If you want to reach new target groups, you often have to tweak your proposition
  • Propositions bring you new brand positioning to life
  • Existing propositions that are not going well.
  • Translating new technology into customer value. And with that growth.

Value proposition puts customer needs first

In our proposition development trajectories we always put the customer need central. That is why we dive into the world of the customer to fully understand the dilemmas the customer is experiencing. Because if the customer does not have a dilemma, then the brand does not have to offer a solution.

You are also an expert

We always work closely with our client. Because the customer is an expert on his / her needs, you are an expert on your products and services. We achieve good results in co-creation. We work in a triangle of strategy, insights and creation.

Our ambition is always to arrive at a prototype as soon as possible with which we can set up meaningful experiments. With this we validate and optimize the proposition.

Get started with value propositions yourself?

Watch the mini lecture from Claire de Nerée to Babberich on value proposition development.

Download de value proposition template to get started yourself.


You can of course contact clear to exchange ideas or make an appointment via Ellen: 030-6026000.

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