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Vision and office

There are lightning-fast changes in society. In this crisis, our way of living, working and relaxing has completely changed in one fell swoop. In such an uncertain time, people need something to hold on to: What is the intention, and what can we expect?

It is the same with organizations and employees. There is a lot of uncertainty in times of major change due to digitization and climate change. It is important to deal with that uncertainty to go.

Mission vision

Your mission provides guidance

Your mission is your reason for being, and is also often referred to as Purpose, Why or True North. All terms for more or less the same. 

A well-known example is that of Google: “Organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful“. Remember that Larry Page formulated this mission early on. Groundbreaking and enormously guiding when you consider which services have now been developed. From search engine, photo albums to collaboration software.

Your mission provides guidance and is quite unchanging. But getting these sharp and inspiring isn't always easy. We help with that.

Your vision and ambition has direction

In addition to your mission, your vision and ambition give much more meaning to what you want to achieve, and how.

Tesla has that sharp. Where its mission is to transform the world into sustainable energy, its vision is “to create the most compelling car company of the 21st century" build. 100% electric, of course, and with the model 3 accessible to a much larger audience than the model S.

Your vision and ambition are the basis of your strategy, and with your mission the core of the story with which you inspire your employees, your partners and your customers. We help you discover that story.

Without an appealing story you will not get ahead in 2020, or put it in a positive way: The companies we like to talk about have done this neatly. No castles in the air, but authentic and credible.

5 reasons to get started with your mission and vision

You will not be directly bothered if you do not have an inspiring mission or clear vision. But you certainly do suffer from it.

5 reasons to take a closer look at your mission, vision and ambition.
Do you recognize this?

  1. You miss an appealing story. If you have to pitch for business, or tell you what you do on a birthday, that doesn't inspire. You tell what you do, not why.
  2. There is a lack of pride among the employees, or the satisfaction leaves something to be desired. This can of course have many causes, but can often be traced back to inspiring leadership.
  3. There is insufficient coherence within the company. Between departments or divisions. Priorities are unclear and collaboration is difficult.
  4. You do not innovate enough, or unfocused. The framework is missing, and that usually starts with a mission and vision.
  5. You have trouble finding new employees. In health care sometimes a good vision is missing (the right to exist is good). Or IT is often about your mission, what do you do it for?

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