Hi, we are Mixe: the healthcare team at Branddoctors. Branddoctors in DNA, but with our heart in care. We help ambitious healthcare organizations to achieve focus, innovation and valuable customer experiences from (the day after) tomorrow.

Proud of our cases

Sparring about tomorrow's care? Feel free to call with Winnie or Mike.

People centered care

We believe in people centered care. Because in the beautiful, complex world called health care, you often don't come up with simple solutions. But it has to be simple and future-oriented. That only works if you do it human perspective as start and end point.

Patient Journey

A positive patient experience leads to satisfied patients, happy employees and a better medical result. You create wow experiences with us patient journey program.

Brand strategy and positioning

Why should patients, insurers or referrers choose your healthcare organization? What are they waiting for? And what is happening in the world around us? We will help you own unique position in the healthcare field.

Proposition development and innovation

Develop services in co-creation with the target group via concepting and prototyping. Immediately tangible solutions that add value to healthcare.