Branddoctors is celebrating its 20th anniversary and we would like to celebrate this with you. We are going completely corona-proof through the roof!


On March 31, all brakes will be released between 16:00 PM and 20:00 PM. You choose a time slot of half an hour. Within this half hour you are expected at the Drive Thru.

Fire doctors in 20 years! from Branddoctors on Vimeo.


The Drive-Thru Experience in studio A12 near Bunnik is ours for one evening! We celebrate our party and take you through 20 years of Branddoctors while enjoying a delicious burger menu from Meneer Smakers, which also features vegetarian burgers.

How does it work?

You can experience the entire Drive-Thru Experience from your car. Follow the route to the Drive-Thru entrance. We welcome you there and your order will be taken. Then you enter the Drive-Thru Experience. The party begins and we take you through 20 years of Branddoctors. After 10 minutes of partying, your burger will be brought to your car. At the end of the Drive-Thru Experience you drive to the parking lot where you can enjoy the delicious burger and party a little further in your car.

Sign up below for the Drive Thru Experience 20 years Branddoctors!

    If a time slot is missing, it is unfortunately already full. We are happy to welcome you at one of the above times.

What should I pay attention to?

  • The maximum headroom is 1.95 m. So do not come in a party bus 🙂
  • We want to keep this experience completely corona-proof and request that you stay in your car, also in the parking lot. If it turns out that more is possible by 31 March, we will inform you about this in good time.
  • Arrive at the chosen timeslot and stick to it. This ensures a good flow of the Drive-Thru Experience. That way everyone can enjoy our party to the fullest!
  • Do you have allergies or food intolerance? Let us know via the form and we will take it into account.
  • Still prevented? Please let us know at least 3 days in advance.

Until then! Fire doctors

Navigation address studio A12:
Tippet 52
3981 AH Bunnik