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How do you create distinction and value in a world that digitizes and standardizes at lightning speed?

Digitization is hot. Literally every sector has to deal with the impact of the digital transformation. IT thus becomes central to the business operations and daily processes of every organization, from small to large.

IT has the wind in its sails

Especially in a time of crisis and forced home working, we see an enormous acceleration in this. This offers many opportunities, but also enough challenges. We see two important shifts.

shift 1: From technical focus to business benefits
shift 2: From working conditions to an appealing corporate culture

Shift 1: From technical focus to business benefits

IT is a field that, like no other, is characterized by jargon. Technical professional language that (potential) customers have no use for. And where, as an IT company, you don't make a distinctive statement.

Moreover, we are seeing this technology standardize at a rapid pace. Cloud solutions that are hosted and managed externally, software as a service, are developments that mean that (expensive) customization is less and less often needed and more and more people work with proven standards.

You can hardly distinguish yourself anymore on the technique. It does affect the impact you make on business processes. That's where you make the difference

But they must seamlessly match the business, business operations and organization of your customer. Then you no longer make the distinction with technology, but with understanding its impact on business processes and the people who have to work with them. And how you make the difference in this you will have to get clear about the stage: with new propositions that you want to bring to the market, and in the positioning of your company as a whole.

Shift 2: From working conditions to an appealing corporate culture

Crisis or no crisis, in this sector there will for a long time still be more demand than the supply of qualified IT professionals. To find and retain new talent, an appealing corporate culture is now much more important than working conditions or a lease car. So you have to consciously build on that culture.

For many of our IT customers, we initially see the brand challenge more on the inside than on the outside: what do we all stand for? What binds us How do we build a strong, development-oriented culture based on a clear, guiding vision? Where our own people feel at home and what attracts our clients?

The brand, as the ultimate summary of identity and values, is central to these types of questions.

Do you recognize the challenges?

Propositions that meet changing customer needs

With IT solutions that are increasingly focused on business benefits, your customer's ICT manager may no longer be your first point of contact. And now you have to explain to the CFO, the COO or - in SMEs - to the office manager what exactly he or she benefits from that new cloud solution, managed service or SAAS concept. In front of innovation and proposition development based on co-creation, we always talk to your (potential) customer, in close collaboration with your own project team.

A guiding vision and positioning

In a sector where developments never stand still for a moment and technology is rapidly standardizing, you have to choose which course you want to take and how you want to make a difference as an organization.

We don't have a strong pitch. Every colleague tells something different.

A distinctive positioning we develop together, by looking for your authentic strength with a team of people and combining this with an in-depth understanding of customer needs, DMU roles (insight) and sector trends (foresight).

Culture development & employer branding

Here we are talking about the translation of vision and positioning into a culture in which people can and want to realize what you stand for as a company. We do this with tools like one Brand Culture Book, culture measurements, workshops and the translation of brand identity into attractive employer branding. Not only for IT companies, but also for organizations that want to give digitization and data a more central place in their corporate culture.

Do you want to accelerate?

Branddoctors helps customers who have their origins in Telecom and who have developed into IT companies, such as KPN and T-Mobile. We also work for companies with an IT origin, such as Fellowmind and SLTN.

We also help companies in very different sectors with the transition to a culture in which digitization and data are central: we work closely with PON's Digital Innovation Lab, for which we develop events, content and workshops around the digital transformation in the automotive and mobility sector.

If you have become interested, send Peter van der Schouw of Gijsbert Croes then an email or make an appointment through Ellen.

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iDEAL: A new brand strategy and a restyled logo

iDEAL: A new brand strategy and a restyled logo

iDEAL: A new brand strategy and a restyled logo
Fellowmind: brand strategy and culture development

Fellowmind: brand strategy and culture development

Fellowmind: brand strategy and culture development

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