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Mixe - healthcare marketing was founded in 2003, in anticipation of the introduction of the new healthcare system as we know it (still). We were the first agency in the Netherlands specialized in healthcare marketing. You may still know us from the Healthcare Marketing Festivals. After the merger in 2015 with Branddoctors - which would have been a good name for Mixe anyway - the team dedicated to healthcare continued under the name Branddoctors Mixe.

Fire doctors in the DNA, care in the heart

In 17 years we have hundreds of projects done in virtually all areas of health care, most of them in the Netherlands and some in other EU and US countries. In those years we have the dynamics of the field and the players in health care.

Only occasionally do we realize how valuable it is to overview to have an understanding of what is happening in healthcare and insight in what is important players think, feel and act. For us it has become second nature to use all those learnings in our projects. At the same time, we open every project in a fresh way, as if it were our first.

Strategic care marketeer in 2020

The role of competition as a mechanism to make healthcare accessible, affordable and of higher quality is increasingly being taken over by cooperation and central coordination. What do you do as a strategic care marketer?

Then you let the fresh brand thinking on partnerships to a challenging and connecting perspective and people work enthusiastically on the right things. That also works very well to keep your people inspired and therefore also attractive to new employees. Then you make innovation easy in complex environments with a focus on results: do more, talk less. You let new ideas grow together with the target group full-fledged concepts with convincing benefits. And, still, let your beautiful, innovative, excellent products and services find their way to the market find.

So there is plenty to do. Read on quick:

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