The brand is an ultimate attractive summary of what you are and where you want to go, and therefore why customers should enter into a relationship with this brand.

When the brand is well positioned, the promise that the brand makes to customers externally also works as an organizing principle. It then forms a well-understood internal compass that employees can rely on and which makes steering much simpler and more effective.

We use our Brand Cube approach in our positioning processes. The essence of this approach is to make the connection between the authentic core of an organization on the one hand and the needs of the target group on the other. In a context of the business model of today and later. By choosing that position in the market where both elements come together in co-creation with customers and employees, you arrive at a powerful, individual and relevant positioning.

The anchoring of the brand positioning is important to be able to consistently build on your brand. That is why our creatives like to record our work in an inspiring brandbook. To keep on your desk as a source of inspiration, or to give to customers. But it is also a guideline for your communication agency, your web builder or your press officer.


Watch the mini lecture "Brand positioning model explained in 7 minutes" by Peter van der Schouw about our Brand Cube approach.

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