The value proposition is what the brand offers to solve a customer dilemma and adding value to the customers’ life.

Proposition development is useful if you:

  1. want to reach a new target group with an existing or new proposition
  2. want to develop new propositions that build on the (brand) strategy
  3. want to improve a proposition that is not going well
  4. have an innovation or new technology but do not yet know exactly how to introduce it in the market.

We always focus on customer needs in our proposition development processes. We dive into the world of the customer to understand very well what dilemmas the customer experiences, because if the customer does not have a dilemma, then the brand does not have to offer a solution either.

We always work closely with our client. Because the customer is the expert on his / her needs, you are the expert on your products and services. We achieve good results in co-creation. We work in a triangle of strategy, insights and creation. Our ambition is always to arrive at a prototype as quickly as possible which we can set up with meaningful experiments. In this manner, we validate and optimize the proposition.


Watch the mini lecture from Claire de Nerée to Babberich on value proposition development (only available in Dutch). Feel welcome to contact us to exchange ideas. here the value proposition template to get yourself started.

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