Trends between the ears

Trends between the ears

We were talking about crowded cities, flight shame, protests and the desire for a better world until the end of February 2020… .and then there was the corona crisis. And the world looks completely different.

We would like to take you from this abruptly changed world to the future. Where did we stand before the crisis, what is still relevant and what is not anymore? How can we direct our gaze forward again? What does it do to us to live at 1,5 meters, not being able to touch each other and constantly looking for on- and offline combinations? What has changed permanently in our behavior, what do we long for and what new initiative could become very big? And how can you respond to this with your brand or organization?

For the 8th year in a row, Brand doctors and trend watcher and visual marketer Aafje Nijman, co-owner of Nijman + van Haaster agency jointly developed a trend vision for the coming year. The trend vision for 2021 looks in a broad perspective at the zeitgeist and how consumer needs change, made relevant for brand and marketing professionals from all sectors. In the trend vision 2021, with the overarching theme 'Change Reaction', we explore four main trends.

Trends between the ears

Now that we have been hanging out in Teams, Zoom and Webinars for about 8 weeks, Digi fatigue is starting to strike. That is why we are not organizing a trend event this year, but a trend week. Every day one trend is central, deepened by our trend specialists, offered in the form of a podcast. You will also receive the Trends Daily in which appealing cases and inspiration material are offered. Inspiration and creativity flows through movement, so go for a walk, in the morning, or during your lunch break and get the trends between your ears.

Change Reaction - Trend vision

Trend agenda

  • Monday June 29:
    Introduction to main trends & introduction of trend specialists.
  • Tuesday June 30:
    Trend: Keep it Mankind
    More than ever, we long for humanity. We need real contact full of understanding and empathy.
  • Wednesday 1 July:
    Trend: Revise the moral
    We are aware that things have to be done differently. Respect for people, animals and earth is central to this. The time of COVID-19 requires rethinking and future-oriented action.
  • Thursday July 2:
    Trend: Pick your cherries
    Before COVID-19 we already experienced a scarcity of time and space, that is only getting stronger. We look for possibilities that increase our happiness and our own well-being.
  • Friday July 3:
    Trend: Take a stand
    We stand up for our interests, we confess color and speak out. More than ever, we value leadership clarity and conviction.

  • July 7 from 14.00 pm to 16.00 pm.
    Online workshop and group discussion.

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Then sign up via the form on the website. The ticket price for 'Trends between the ears' is € 200 per person, excluding VAT. For this you get: 5 podcasts, 1 online workshop and group discussion, a start package and every day the Trends Daily containing the podscast of that day as well as links to interesting examples, activation questions and assignments.

Are you a relation of Branddoctors or Bureau Nijman + van Haaster, then a reduced rate of € 150 per person, excluding VAT. Be welcome and join Trends between the ears!

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The trend week takes place on Monday, June 29 through Tuesday, July 7