Trend vision 2023: How does the zeitgeist influence our behaviour? And what opportunities does that create?

Trend vision 2023: ON GOOD SOIL

Finally, after two years, we can present our annual trend vision live again. Are you curious about our new view of the world and did you also miss sharing inspiration with colleagues? Then come to Trendvisie 2023: ON GOOD SOIL in our new office.

Good Soil, or fertile soil

It is an uncertain time in which changes are happening at lightning speed. It is all the more good to be aware of whether your organization or message still falls on fertile ground, or good soil.

Because this can no longer be the case. This is because, in addition to the corona crisis, directly followed by the war in Ukraine, we are dealing with major economic and social issues, such as a shortage on the labor market, the energy transition and the raw materials crisis.

Yet the future is not necessarily dark. There are beautiful, beautiful developments to see that give hope and challenge us. Consider, for example, the possibilities of the metaverse, a parallel digital reality, of which we will undoubtedly hear a lot in the coming years.

Trend vision 2023

Date and time

Thursday, May 19, 2022 from 16:00 PM to 20:00 PM in De Pastoe Factory,
Rotoord 3a in Utrecht.

We are happy that we can finally offer the presentation live again this year. Last March we moved to the Pastoe factory in Utrecht. This former furniture factory of the traditional Dutch design brand Pastoe has since been designated an industrial heritage site.

The Pastoe Factory was always ahead of its time and introduced furniture and utensils with an innovative design. If you also want to look ahead and anticipate the future, sign up for the 2023 trend vision. You will hear the latest trends, meet your colleagues live and enjoy tasty snacks and drinks.

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The ticket price for the Trendvisie 2023 including drinks & bites is €185,- excluding VAT, per person. Are you a relation of Branddoctors or Bureau Nijman + van Haaster? Then there is a reduced rate of €150 per person. Inquire about the business opportunities if you want to hear and see the trends with several colleagues.

Note: We have currently reached the maximum number of participants. If you are placed on the waiting list, please fill in the form. As soon as a spot becomes available, we will let you know.

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Trend vision On good soil

Can't come? BThen look for an in-company trend presentation

In the interactive presentation of 3 hours, Aafje Nijman and

Bianca van Zwol takes your team on a dizzying journey into the future.

Branddoctors' trends are to the point, so you can actually use them the day after. In addition, we show plenty of concrete examples from all over the world in which the trend (or part of it) is already manifesting itself to some extent.

You can book a presentation from 3.600 euros, depending on the number of participants and customization. Interested? Schedule on telephone appointment.


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