Concept & Prototyping

For us, strategy, research and creativity go hand in hand. And so do design thinking and lean start-up. That melting pot of disciplines leads to innovation, freshness, speed and concrete results.

Because that’s what we’re in for: concrete results that affect people. A strategy or brand positioning is only of value when it becomes reality.

Sitting down with your customer

Co-creation session. A nice scrabble word, and a piece of cake for Branddoctors. We bring the customer, creativity and the client together to share insights and come up with solutions using design-thinking methodologies. Read the Heineken Biertegoed Case to get an idea.

Prototyping the customer journey

Another side of concepting and prototyping is the concrete development of touch points. Physically or digitally. By building the complete customer journey using prototypes, strategy comes to life, and you can earlier validate it with the customer.

Validation via lean start-up

The result? A strong strategy, aptly translated into concrete concepts and prototypes. Ready for validation on the market with our Firmhouse friends.

Shall we prototype together? Call Daniel, Lisette or Gijs for an introduction