Customer Journey

In a world that seems to be driven by technology push, we are there for the customer. By giving the customer experience centre stage and digitalising it, we ensure that you don’t lose your customer along the way.

When thinking about customer journeys, several strong marketing concepts nicely come together. Think of customer dilemmas, moments of truth, peak-end rule. We summarise this in a concrete model that is easy to understand. That’s how we like it, because your organisation should be able to work with it independently.

Omnichannel customer journey

These days, such a customer journey is almost by default an omnichannel; we find touch points here both in the physical world and digitally. By working from an omnichannel approach, from the perspective of the customer, we give direction to the digital transformation that many companies stand for.

Experimenting & prototyping the customer journey

Lastly, we use the customer journey to experiment. We map out our prototypes and plan together with the customer until the perfect journey has been created.

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